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Karakuri IoT sökte Produktion2030's nionde utlysning:

Forsknings- och innovationsprojekt som ska leda till kostnadseffektiv automatisering i svensk tillverkningsindustri

11april beviljades Karakuri IoT ansökan tillsammanas med 7 andra projekt.

Projektet ligger inom Produktion2030 styrkeområde Människan i produktionssystemet 


Karakuri IoT

The long-term goal of the research project is to develop hardware and software platform, i.e. modular systems that enables production workers to easily build and implement IoT-aided improvement solutions at the production shop floor. The project needs a pre-study to clarify the potential needs of the modular systems from users’ perspective, as well as to examine technical feasibility of the systems. This application is to fund this pre-study.

The project is driven by a multidisciplinary research team consisting of three researchers from Mälardalen University and RISE SICS Västerås. The researchers are specialized in kaizen and innovation in production, industrial IoT, and user experience, respectively. The development is carried out in cooperation with Volvo Construction Equipment.



Mälardalen University


Volvo Construction Equipment



Yuji Yamamoto
Mälardalens Högskola


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